Ms. Dale Ogar
Editor, Wellness Letter (UC Berkeley)

I met Thomas Goetze in 1986 at the home of some friends. Thomas had done some work for them and they were so delighted that they suggested I should consider having him remodel my kitchen, a project which was just percolating in my mind at that time. Some months later Thomas came to my house, spent untold hours with me discussing what I wanted for the kitchen and then, in the spring of 1987 we began the project. I ended up with a showplace kitchen which to this day draws compliments from my guests and high praises from me for being workable, low maintenance and quite beautiful. Although I had a lot to say about the design and concept of the kitchen, Thomas selected the materials and in fact built stunning oak cabinets from scratch, using my garage as a workshop. The materials have held up so well that I sometimes forget how long ago the work was done.

After that project we refinished hardwood floors, built a front deck, installed a hot tub, remodeled an existing bathroom and magically turned a small, unused space in the second bedroom into an absolute gem of a guest bathroom. It was fully his concept to use the space in the way he did the end result was nothing short of astonishing. He also oversaw a project to install recessed lighting in my living room and dining room. Built an exquisite cherry cabinet the length of my dining room and resurfaced a fireplace with African slate.

Over the years he has also rebuilt a set of sinking brick steps, retrofitted my house, installed crown molding and looked after any number of small problems for me. His workmanship is always first rate. His design sense is both practical and exquisite and he is a master at overseeing the details of both small and large projects alike to bring them in on time and within budget. Finding Thomas was probably one of the luckiest things that ever happened to me and to my lovely home. I recommend him unequivocally and with the utmost enthusiasm.

Berkeley Cottage

Property owner
Delaware Street Cottage, Berkeley, CA

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Alison from Berkeley had this to say:

  • I really like working with Thomas. Unlike most contractors around here, he treats his clients with respect. He can and does communicate well. He listens to what you, the client, wants and the discussion begins. He makes suggestions but never is it an attempt to simply get you to agree to let him build the house the way he wants to. He's not just placating, it's a true discussion. He explains either how he's going to accomplish that or why the building codes won't let him.  You are allowed to make suggestions and explore possibilities without being treated like a meddlesome client speaking out of turn.  He doesn't ignore the client's needs in terms of scheduling like so many other contractors either. There are no games, no manipulation, no lies, and no unreturned calls. His guys work quickly, efficiently and neatly and they know what they're doing. He has high standards and the experience to back it up. He's not an egocentric grandstander like other contractors I've met and fired. Simply put, he's a very good contractor who knows what he's doing and who treats his clients with respect. He's everything I want in a contractor and I hope to hire him again soon.